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Spring is in the air…

…and so are the bugs!!!! One of the few things that I love about winter is the absence of bugs. Seriously, to be able to carelessly have doors open and play outside without the worry of bugs is something to love. Every year I’m amazed that the bugs and creepy crawlies out there know exactly when to emerge from their hole somewhere. While I appreciate their role in the ecosystem, I don’t appreciate them on or near me!

So, why not just spray the yard? Being the reptile and amphibian friendly girl that I am I absolutely hate spraying the grass with any sort of insect spray in the yard and I hate bug repellent, the smell itself is toxic. All joking aside, I have found a solution that meets all my crunchy momma criteria in a bug repellent.

Now, this is not bandwagon jumping thing. I just want to pass along how essential oils can save you and your littles this spring and summer season. Essential oils truly work to keep all the itchy, scratchy, stinging things away from you! There are a number of oils that are wonderful for keeping those pesks away and different oils repel different insects. So, what I do is make a blend of several oils in order to cover a broad base of various insects. Here is a list of essential oils as well as what type of insects these oils repel.

  • Cedarwood- mosquitoes, flies(includes gnats and biting flies) and ticks
  • Lavender-mosquitoes, flies and ticks
  • Peppermint-spiders, mosquitoes and ticks
  • Eucalyptus- mosquitoes, flies and ticks (not as safe on babies)
  • Lemongrass- mosquitoes, flies and ticks
  • Geranium-mosquitoes and flies
  • Lemon-mosquitoes and ticks
  • Terrashield-outdoor blend-mosquitoes, flies and ticks
  • Thyme -mosquitoes, flies and ticks

I mix 5 to 6 of these oils in a 4oz glass bottle, with 1/4 cup witch hazel and 1/4 cup distilled water. I do 10 drops of each oil. You can adjust the strength according to your preference. When applying, spray all over, especially ankles and bite prone areas. Reapply every 2 to 3 hours or as needed. Be sure to shake well every use as water and oil don’t mix!
Now you can protect yourself and your family from all sorts of bites and pests and not have to bathe your kids before bed!! This is huge for me, it would never fail that I would spray my kiddos down with some deet containing repellent and they would fall asleep on the way home or before I could get them inside. Waking a child up to bath them in the middle of the night has never gone over well here at my house, so this nontoxic and completely organic spray is a Big Deal for me!

I hope you love this essential oil blend as much as I do. I do encourage you to buy a high quality oil. Most essential oils found in retail stores, even organic stores are not quality, pure oils. If you need a source for purchasing high quality, trustworthy essential oils, my website is:


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