About Nitty & Gritty

Stephanie (aka “Nitty”):


A few tid bits about “Nitty”………hmmmm well, let’s see, I love almost all things natural and I like to tap into my creative side as much as I can.  By nature I’m very analytical and I love researching and getting to the truth of most anything I do, ergo “Nitty”.   Being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend has taught me that sharing all this “stuff” I’ve lived and learned can and does help other women.  I’m still growing and learning as we all are and am excited for what the future holds.

Elizabeth (aka “Gritty”):


 Much like my fabulous counterpart, I too am a researcher.  I love to find things out, as I am a naturally very curious person and I question most everything before I decide to “buy in” to an idea, a product, or a way of life.  In other words, I guess you could call me a skeptic.  So you can trust that if I support something, I have done my homework!

I love all things outdoorsy (hiking, gardening, camping, etc.), I am an avid reader and writer (proud English major), and I am an organizer.  I adore organizing and cleaning out work spaces (at work, at church, and in my home).  I also love to organize my words onto paper in any form – lists, outlines, essays, poems and stories.  I am also very creative, but my personal creativity comes in the form of written words and in the kitchen.  I have been cooking and baking as far back as I can remember!  It makes me happy to feed people!

Finally, I am very passionate about holistic wellness (mind, body, and spirit).  I am a “feeling” person, so I move through this life tuned in to what the people around me are feeling and going through in their lives.  I have a deep desire to see people thrive, rather than just survive.

So there you have it.  It is my hope that Stephanie and I will be able to help other women by sharing our hearts and life experiences with the world.